Peak Values & Code of Conduct

Peak's Mission is to improve the performance of wells through advanced downhole technology.

Peak’s Vision is to become the recognised global leader of downhole well systems with a Peak product deployed in every valued well around the world. By 2020 everyone will know Peak and understand what we do.

In order to achieve this, we have a set of Core Values that underpin every aspect of our business:

  • Safety - Everything we do has safety at the core. We will always do our utmost to ensure the well-being of all Peak employees and our stakeholders.
  • Excellence - Striving for excellence in all parts of peak’s business makes us special. Superior downhole technology, innovative product development and exceptional customer service are paramount.
  • Respect - We are respectful to everyone, with no exceptions. There is no place for personal conflict at Peak. We are culturally aware and will maintain the highest levels of integrity at all times. At Peak, we are just and fair.
  • Commitment - Through good teamwork, we can achieve more. We take ownership of both opportunities and problems and ensure they are dealt with promptly and effectively. When we make a commitment at Peak, we always deliver.

Peak Well Systems’ integrity is central to everything that we do both now and in the future. The Peak Code of Conduct document supports these Peak Values and provides guidance through critical areas of the business process.

It also serves as a practical and clear guide to the behaviour that the company expects from everyone that works for Peak worldwide. All Peak Personnel understand and support the Code of Conduct and we make every effort to align ourselves with other companies, both customers and suppliers, who adhere to the same high standards of business practice.