SIM Running Tool

The SIM system is a series of mechanically interchangeable components designed to provide a range of applications for the purpose of well integrity and production management.

The fully patented SIM running tool is used to convey and selectively set these components at any chosen depth inside monobore type completions.

The SIM running tool is made up to the selected device at surface and conveyed into the well on a conventional slickline toolstring. A radial indexing mechanism activates a set of slips to anchor the running tool to the tubing wall at any desired setting depth. The device is then simply set by downward jarring. An overpull is applied to confirm the deployed component is fully set. Once set in place the SIM running tool is released from the device by upwards jarring.


Used for selectively setting: 

  • SIM retrievable bridge plugs
  • Leak detection tool
  • Large bore gauge hanger
  • SIM permanent plug

Features & Benefits

  • Continuous radial indexing mechanism
  • Variable drag spring configurations
  • 100% mechanical
  • Simple to redress
  • Robust design

Product Code: 350