SIM Permanent Plug

The SIM permanent bridge plug is part of an advanced range of flow control products designed and produced by Peak Well Systems.

A premium, cast iron bridge plug set 100% mechanically using the unique SIM running tool, the SIM permanent plug offers many operational and safety benefits over conventional bridge plugs.

Using only a conventional slickline toolstring and without the need for explosives or hydraulic setting systems, the SIM permanent plug can be used in various applications such as zonal isolation in wells with multiple perforated zones; set as a barrier for plug and abandonment work or zonal isolation during high pressure fracture stimulation; acidizing or cementing operations. The running OD is designed to pass most common completion nipple profiles and expand and set in its nominated tubing size and weight.

The SIM permanent plug is run and set using the same fully patented SIM system running tool  that is also used to deploy the SIM retrievable bridge plug, Large bore gauge hanger and SIM leak detection tool. Once the SIM running tool is landed off on depth, downward jarring is then required to set the SIM permanent plug. A check pull is then applied to ensure the SIM permanent plug is fully set and securely anchored within the tubing. Subsequent upward jarring releases the SIM running tool from the permanent plug and the running tool can be removed from the well.


  • Permanent zonal isolation
  • Plug and abandonment applications
  • Zonal isolation for fracture stimulation, acidizing, or cementing operations

Features & Benefits

  • Can be set 100% mechanically anywhere in the tubing with the fully patented SIM running tool (UK Patent No: GB2432607 & GB2424237)
  • Safe: No pyrotechnics or special setting tools required
  • Cast iron construction: readily millable
  • SIM running tool allows a check-pull to be taken against the set plug prior to shearing-off
  • Cost effective: rapid deployment with slickline spread requirement only - no need for electric line package
  • Compact design making utilization ideal in height restricted rig-ups

Product Code: 370