Melon-Type Equalizing Housing

The Melon-Type Equalizing Housing is a commonly used method of achieving pressure equalization across a set plug.  It incorporates a simple equalizing melon that is run "on seat" in the sealed position and allows the SIM Plug and SIMplus to be conveyed in a single run.  

Recovery of the Melon-Type Equalizing Housing requires two-runs-to-pull. The Melon-Type Equalizing Prong is run prior to the MATS/GS Pulling Prong to equalize pressure across the plug and allow safe recovery. Jarring down on the Equalizing Prong will move the Melon "off seat" allowing pressure across the plug to equalize.


  • To provide a Melon-Type equalizing option for the SIM or SIMplus Plug
  • For use with a Peak SIM Plug or SIMplus Plug when a single run application is required

Features & Benefits

  • Threaded equalizing port options to control the rate of equalization
  • Associated Equalizing Prong incorporates tell-tale feature to ensure Melon has moved into the “off-seat” position
  • Sour service components to NACE MR0175
  • All components ENP treated to prevent thread galling and corrosion
  • Simplistic design with minimal components
  • Sucker Rod Box thread in Equalising Assembly Bottom Sub to convey downhole gauges or to provide a connection for roller options in high-angle, deviated wells
  • Robust design

Product Code: 352