Peak Injection Valve

The Peak Injection Valve is a normally closed flapper-type valve. It is used to reinject produced fluids or to inject fluids for EOR. 

Fluids are injected from surface through the Peak Injection Valve, opening the flapper which is then held open by a sleeve to prevent the flapper ‘floating’ due to pump pulsations.

The Peak Injection Valve has the facility for a carbide choke to be inserted, if required, to control the injection rate and hold-open differential.

The Peak Injection Valve can be suspended below industry standard lock mandrels or below any of the Peak SIM* system retrievable bridge plugs. This versatility allows the valve to be set at any required depth and in a wide range of operational situations.


  • Injection of fluids for EOR
  • Reinjection of produced fluids

Features & Benefits

  • Integral equalizing device equalizes pressure across the valve allowing multi-cycle opening without the need to pull and/or redress any part
  • Industry standard metal-to-metal flapper seal
  • Chokes can be inserted to control flow rate and hold-open actuation pressure
  • Standard type packing barrel with Chevron seals isolates the Injection Valve in the tubing
  • Straight through flow path within the valve bore maintains laminar flow and reduces tubing erosion

Product Code: 510