Sealing Equalizing Prong

The Sealing/Equalizing Prong is an integral component of the SIM Plug Prong-Type Equalizing Housing, a commonly used method of sealing and equalizing across the set plug downhole.

After the Prong-Type Equalizing Housing has been set, the Sealing Prong is run on a standard JD- or SB-type Pulling Tool to create the sealing plug. To allow safe recovery of the plug, the Sealing Prong is recovered with a standard JD- or SB-type Pulling Tool to ensure equalization has taken place prior to the MATS/GS Pulling Prong being deployed to recover the Plug.


  • To provide an Equalizing option for the Peak SIM or SIMplus Plug, in conjunction with the Prong Type Equalizing Housing

Features & Benefits

  • Incorporates Shearable Centralizer and Seal Protector feature to ensure seals are protected whilst running in the well and that the Prong is guided into the plug correctly
  • Supplied with industry standard external type fish necks
  • Can be supplied with internal fish neck/junk catcher to reduce number of runs if junk catcher is required above
  • Shortened versions can be supplied to accommodate height restricted rig-ups threaded equalising port options to control the rate of equalization
  • Critical components ENP treated to prevent thread galling and corrosion
  • Simplistic design with minimal components
  • Robust design

Product Code: 352