Peak PowerTool

The Peak PowerTool is a versatile modular downhole power system capable of deployment on all conveyance systems.

The modular Peak PowerTool can be configured to accommodate a wide range of different applications and conveyance methods. The short module length and non-explosive drive also ensures that the PowerTool can be rapidly deployed in the field. In slickline operation the intelligent Decision Module uses measurements of pressure, temperature and tool movement to provide reliable downhole control.

The PowerTool is also designed for versatility and can be operated in both forward and reverse modes and can be combined with different actuator modules to address a wide range of applications with setting forces up to 180,000 lbs.

A unique feature of the PowerTool is the contingency to release from a plug or other downhole tool if they become stuck downhole. This enables the PowerTool to be completely retrieved in the event of problems and also allows the possibility to later re-engage the PowerTool with the stuck equipment for subsequent recovery.


  • Setting and retrieval of permanent and retrievable plugs and packers
  • Actuation of downhole sliding sleeves and side-doors
  • Actuation of mechanical tubing punchers and cutters

Features & Benefits

  • Non-explosive drive system
  • Configurable for wide range of applications and force requirements
  • Modular for deployment on slickline, e-line, coiled tubing, pipe and tractor
  • Setting is independent of hydrostatic pressure
  • Long stroke with reversible stroke direction
  • Integrated contingency mechanical release system

Product Code: 810