90 Degree Safe Connect

The Peak 90 Degree Safe Connect (90DSC) is designed to safely deploy extended length, rigid assemblies into the well.

These items often need to be raised from a horizontal to a vertical position and vice versa when removing. During this operation the wire and tool components can sustain undue stress and bending causing damage to the equipment and potential harm to personnel if the wire or tool component fails. The Peak 90DSC can be connected directly above the long assembly in the horizontal position and is designed to provide a hinge or pivot when raising to the vertical. Once in the vertical, the internal latch automatically locks the connection to produce a rigid tool which can sustain both upward and downward jarring during any setting or pulling processes. To revert the connection into pivot mode, the latch can be locked into the release position using the integral J-slot mechanism.


  • Designed to safely deploy extended length, rigid assemblies, including Wireline Retrievable Safety Valves into the well

Features & Benefits

  • Load tested and certified to 3 Tonne SWL on surface
  • Matched strength to other commercially available QC’s once latched in vertical position
  • Patent pending failsafe design will not disconnect unless intended
  • Simple robust design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Eliminates undue stress/damage to wire & tool components
  • Cost-effective
  • Increases efficiency: Avoid tool spading
  • Improves safety: Reduces time spent under suspended loads
  • Available with standard and quick connect toolstring end connections

Product Code: 150