Large Bore Gauge Hanger

The Large Bore Gauge Hanger can be used to carry data acquisition devices or can be set as an anchor to provide a platform for instruments or equipment that require suspension in the wellbore.

The Large Bore Gauge Hanger can be set 100% mechanically using slickline but extends to allow setting on all other available industry standard deployment methods. It has an extremely high load capacity and is ideal for use in high flow rate wells.


  • Gauge Hanger for pin-point real time and memory data acquisition
  • Anchoring device to provide a platform for, or suspension of, Stack-Up Perforating Guns, Swellable Packers, Sampling Gauges, etc.
  • To act as a barrier to prevent unwanted movement of abandoned equipment in flowing wells

Features & Benefits

  • Extreme high load capacity - ideal for high flow rate wells or high weight stack-up applications
  • Large through bore for increased flow rate
  • Can be set 100% mechanically anywhere in the tubing with the fully patented Peak SIM Running Tool (UK Patent No: GB2432607 & GB2424237)
  • Recoverable with GS Pulling Tool
  • Compact design making utilization ideal in height restricted rig-ups
  • Simple, robust design
  • Lower connection options available to suit customer requirements

Product Code: 340