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Hard scale removal at multiple obstruction points


Technical Challenge:

Hard scale removal at multiple obstruction points

Peak Solution:

Torque-Action Debris Breaker wellbore cleanup and debris removal tool


National oil company, Gulf of Thailand

Well Type:

2 7/8-in and 3 ½-in gas producers

The Challenge:

An operator required an effective means of clearing scale obstructions from 20 different wells. The scale was present between 1,750 m and 4,000-m well depth, and was caused by natural deposits (barium sulphate and strontium sulphate) with some compounded by cement and hard packed sand.


During this campaign, 7/32-in braided line was used as high pick-up weights were anticipated, and also because of the operator’s concerns about the tool becoming stuck which had happened in previous campaigns using standard broach systems.

The simplicity and robustness of the Torque-Action Debris Breaker tool ensures that a simple jar down is sufficient to free the tool when necessary, enabling it to be easily removed clear of the obstruction.


In total, 20 wells were intervened with 19 successfully cleared. The sectional lengths that were cleared of obstructions ranged from less than 1 m up to 1,200 m. The recovered scale material included significant-sized pieces of very hard crystalline nature which the operator personnel claimed they had never recovered in such large sizes or with such ease before. Other deposits were also recovered including debris that was a mixture of cement and formation material.

The operator was highly satisfied with the performance of the Torque-Action Debris Breaker tool in clearing scale deposits that would otherwise have been subject to a prolonged campaign using standard broach systems or possibly using coiled tubing and chemical treatments.

Value to Customer:

  • Highly cost effective - the powerful performance of the Torque-Action Debris Breaker tool was key to clearing the well much faster than a prolonged campaign using standard broach systems
  • Offers better flexibility for clearing further wells
  • Reduces intervention times, and ensures that production can resume much quicker

As a direct result of the success of this campaign, the operator has confirmed that it will use Peak’s Torque-Action Debris Breaker tool as the primary system to remove scale/ debris restrictions from now on. The operator believes that the net increase in production thanks to the Torque-Action Debris Breaker tool is in excess of 14 MMscfd in the five wells where production increase was monitored (the average gas production for wells in this field is probably less than 10 MMscfd).


Product Code: 117