Case Study 12

Case Study 12

Technical Challenge:
Data acquisition to monitor pressure build-up in a shut-in well.

Well Type:
4 ½" Coal Seam Gas (70 degree deviation, 250˚F).

Peak Solution:
2.20” Peak eSetting Tool and Hi-Ex Gauge Hanger deployed into 4-1/2” 18.8# tubing

International Gas Explorer/Producer, Onshore Queensland

The Challenge:
The well consisted of heavy walled tubing resulting in a restricted ID for this size of tubing. As a result the client required a hanger device with minimal restriction to flow in order to attain accurate data. Due to both the well location and time constraints a slickline deployed non-pyrotechnic gauge hanger system was the preferred solution in order to minimise OPEX. A new solution was required to ensure rapid, successful completion of the data acquisition exercise.

The following key requirements and concerns were highlighted by the Customer:

  • Slickline deployment preferred method
  • Pin-point data acquisition required
  • Safety concerns raised with use of explosives and transportation licences
  • Required a cost efficient solution
  • Required rapid mobilisation
  • Long-shut-in time

The Hi-Ex Gauge Hanger was set on slickline on the first run using the Peak eSetting Tool which allowed it to be placed as close as is desired to the area of interest for pin-point data acquisition.

The slim design of the Hi-Ex Gauge Hanger minimises restriction to flow enabling better quality data to be recorded during production and / or injection conditions.

The Peak eSetting Tool, used exclusively with the Hi-Ex Gauge Hanger provided a reliable deployment technique without the need for pyrotechnics, pressurised nitrogen or complex hydraulic pumps – ideal for remote locations.

All gauges were successfully set within a four hour period.

Value to Customer:
All operations were carried out safely and efficiently:

  • Zero harm to personnel
  • Significant cost savings
  • Pin-point data acquisition
  • Specialist Peak technician present onsite to ensure successfully deployment
  • No radio-silence requirement, zero NPT
  • Disposable, low cost electronics allows for simple field redress
  • Range of pre-programmed countdown times provided operational flexibility and control
  • The gauge hanger can be set in a range of tubing sizes from 4 1/2” through to 9 5/8”

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