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Case Study 18

Technical Objective
High deviation fishing at depth in the Middle East.

Offshore, Middle East.

National Oil Company.

Well Type
High deviation (64deg) and extended reach to over 9,000ft.

Rollerised Cutter and High Deviation Toolstring consisting WellGlides, Power Jar, Linear Jar and Accelerator.

The Challenge
Whilst trying to break a ceramic disk at 9,173ft and 64deg deviation, a Customer encountered difficulties in reaching the required depth and the toolstring became stuck down hole.

A third party wire cutter was mobilised to free the toolstring but was unsuccessful in its attempt due to the challenges posed by the high deviation.

A wire cutter and fishing toolstring, able to operate reliably at depth and deviation, was required.

Minimising lost rig time was a priority for the Customer. A prompt solution that would cut cleanly on the first attempt, under difficult circumstances, was crucial.

In addition, the well needed to be secured efficiently to enable the fishing operation to recover the stuck toolstring without delay.

Peak’s Solution
Peak was able to address the problems attributed to the high deviation of the well by offering friction-reducing well intervention tools.

Within four hours of request, a 2.800" Rollerised Cutter had been mobilised and specialist training provided to the Customer’s well intervention team. Peak’s Rollerised Cutter was deployed via 0.125" slickline and reached the top of the fish at 9,173ft, in approximately two minutes. The wire was cut successfully on the first attempt and the Rollerised Cutter was retrieved to the surface, along with the cut wire.

To recover the stuck toolstring, Peak proposed and designed a 2.125" high deviation fishing toolstring with WellGlide to meet the difficult well conditions.

WellGlide can be positioned along the length of the toolstring, to lift the body and the weight of the string, upon the axles of the rollers incorporated within the roller subs. This eliminates any friction between the toolstring body and the tubing wall, thus making it perfectly suited to deploying toolstring in highly deviated wells.

This solution was promptly commissioned and mobilised within two days. The customer was able to free the stuck toolstring with four hits of Peak’s Power Jar and recover it to the surface. The operation was completed within six hours.

Value to Customer
Well program activity was resumed quickly with minimal lost time incurred. Peak was able to provide a competent and efficient solution in the form of a rollerised cutter which was able to reach considerable depths in deviation and cut the wire with minimal momentum using stored mechanical energy.

Peak’s high deviation toolstring with WellGlides was particularly successful in freeing and recovering the stuck toolstring effectively.

The client was extremely impressed with Peak’s performance and has indicated that they will be using Peak’s products and services for future operations.


Product Code(s): Peak Cutter– 215; WellGlide - 107