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Case Study 20

Technical Objective
Successful location and stabilisation of a leak path in the completion string.

Offshore, Africa.

International Oil Producer.

Well Type
Oil producer, 9-5/8" to 2-7/8"" casing sizes. 

2-7/8" SIM Retrievable Bridge Plug and SIM Running Tool

The Challenge
Wellbore leakage issues within the completion string were detected by the Customer and required investigation.

The Customer sought to confirm the area of pressure communication between the annulus and tubing on the completion string, but could not get to the XN nipple to set an isolation plug and therefore test the strings to determine which string was leaking.

The objective was to locate and fix the leak path and ensure intervention was carried out safely and with zero downtime.

The solution had to be cost effective using Peak SIM Retrievable Bridge Plug inventory, owned by the Customer.

Peak’s Solution
Peak worked proficiently with their Nigerian partner to set a 2-7/8" SIM Retrievable Bridge Plug effectively at 8,739ft, with 36 degrees deviation on the long string.

Peak’s SIM Plugs can pass through all standard completions allowing them to be mechanically set anywhere within the completion string, without the need for a nipple profile.
Pressure testing identified the string leakage as annulus to tubing communication higher up the completion.

A second 2-7/8" SIM Retrievable Bridge Plug was set at 8,212ft on the short string and a Back Pressure Valve (BPV) set higher in the long string, to stabilise the leakage and ensure well safe barriers were in place for workover operations.

The SIM Plugs isolated the reservoir effectively and allowed the customer time to evaluate and investigate further options.

Value to Customer

  • Peak provided an efficient and effective rig-less solution, utilising the Customer owned SIM Plug inventory. Peak’s SIM Plugs were tested and set first time at depth and 36 degrees deviation
  • Peak was able to isolate the reservoir without complications and ensure regulatory dual pressure barriers were in place, whilst a workover plan was considered


Product Code(s): SIM Retrievable Bridge Plug - 351; SIM Running Tool - 350