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Case Study 3

Technical Challenge:
Contingency barrier option on high value subsea wells to avoid additional rig costs

Peak Solution:
4 ½” SIM Retrievable Bridge Plug and SIM Running Tool

Major International Oil Company, Offshore West Africa

Well Type:
Various 4 ½” oil producers (52-69deg deviation, 180-280deg F)

The Challenge:
When accessing high value subsea wells with the latest generation deepwater semi, the Customer required a contingency option for tubing test and packer setting during the completion phase of a multiple well development. The Customer chose Peak’s SIM Retrievable Bridge Plug as a contingency mechanical barrier to be employed if the nipple profile within the completion was unusable, to avoid costly and unnecessary additional rig costs.

The following key conditions and requirements were highlighted by the Customer:

  • The SIM Plug would only be deployed if the traditional lock was unable to set and therefore operational success of the SIM Plug was vital
  • The SIM Plug must be able to pass and be cleanly recovered through 3.688” ID after set
  • E-Line setting option required as a secondary setting option

The Customer experienced major difficulties attempting to access the nipple profile within the completion when attempting to set a locking device for a dedicated profile. Given these difficulties in passing the upper nipple to selectively set in the lower profile, the decision was made to use the SIM Retrievable Bridge Plug.

Peak’s SIM Plug System does not require a positive profile to trip or set and utilises any point on the tubing wall to index. The slick nature of the SIM Retrievable Bridge Plug allows it to easily pass through the troublesome upper nipple with ease.

  • SIM Retrievable Bridge Plug passed the nipple profile, set and tested successfully on the first attempt.
  • Upon successful testing of the completion and surface equipment, the SIM Retrievable Bridge Plug was recovered on the first attempt using the SIM Pulling Tool.

Value to Customer:

  • Significant rig costs were avoided by being able to use the SIM Retrievable Bridge Plug
  • The SIM Plug System was successfully deployed mechanically on slickline
  • All operations performed safely and efficiently
  • The SIM Plug System is now the primary well barrier option and the plug of choice for this Customer

The Customer experienced issues with the same nipple (in different wells) during subsequent well installations so the SIM Retrievable Bridge Plug was utilised and performed faultlessly. Due to the problems encountered on the initial wells and the immediate success of the SIM System, all following completion programmes were changed. As a direct result of its reliability and performance, the Customer chose the SIM Retrievable Bridge Plug as the primary deployment option and, furthermore, will be deployed in horizontal well sections with a Tractor/Stroker tool.