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Case Study 4

Technical Challenge:
Recovery of magnetic junk in high temperature wells

Peak Solution:
High Strength / High Temperature Magnet

OMV New Zealand

Well Type:
1200ft true depth, 82deg deviation well on the Maari field, New Zealand

The Challenge:
The Customer was completing a workover on a well when three control line/ESP cable clamps broke free whilst retrieving the completion back to surface.


  • The clamps were lost in 10 ¾” casing with 82deg deviation
  • The well fluid contained approximately 3% KCl, however the Peak Magnet is highly resistant to CO2 and H2S environments.

Using a Peak 2.72” OD High Strength/High Temperature Magnet, the service company working on the well at the time managed to recover the clamp pieces in five tractor runs on e-line and, due to the powerful strength of the Peak Magnet, even retrieved two blocks and allen key bolts lost from an earlier clamp.

Value to Customer:
Compared to other magnets available on the market, Peak’s High Strength/High Temperature Magnet is particularly strong and can withstand prolonged exposure to very high downhole temperatures (500deg F) without losing magnetic strength. Peak’s Magnet is available in a range of sizes (1.75” up to 4.5” OD) to suit the application and well geometry.