Technology Innovation

Vital to Peak's vision is the development and successful market introduction of new winning products. Our core strategic aim is to introduce new products that allow our customers to drive down operating costs and avoid pulling tubing strings.

Peak’s new product innovation strategy has been developed with two principles, these being:

  • to maximize our core competencies
  • to target new product innovation towards the challenges which our industry faces

Peak Technology Values


User friendly designs mean our products are easy to deploy as well as being field redressable.

Improved Functionality

Products with more functionality and interchangeability reduce inventory whilst still improving well performance.


Superior designs coupled with advanced materials enables Peak products to withstand the harshest well environments.


Peak products have an excellent track record of dependability, even in the most challenging wells.

Cost Effectiveness

Peak products consistently deliver the best long-term returns for clients

Embedded Know-How

  • Peak products are functional, yet simple and robust, redressable in the field, and suitable for use in remote locations by personnel with little or no understanding of English. Peak products are designed and developed with these technology principles at the core of the innovation process.
  • We are careful to embed our know-how into our tools to deliver winning products. We have a wealth of well intervention experience, and specialist know-how in key areas such as materials science, temperature resistance, debris tolerance, pressure sealing, downhole mechanical advantage, disposable downhole microelectronics, and design for manufacture.
  • Peak’s experts nurture and develop our pool of bright young talent, all coached and mentored, and encouraged to visit the wellsite, especially when testing new products in the field.
  • More than 20 percent of Peak’s revenues come from products that are less than three years from market launch – a key metric for the management team to ensure that it continues to foster a culture of successful innovation.
  • Peak takes a diligent approach to ensure that it protects its intellectual property when appropriate to do so and that we have freedom to practise our art.

World Class New Product Development Process
To deliver speed-to-market with winning new products, a stage-gate process has been adopted and embedded within Peak. This ensures detailed market and technical planning is undertaken prior to making key design, development and market launch decisions. In addition to the Peak NPD process, our performance in the cultivation, gestation and incubation of new product ideas are key measurements for the business.

Peak currently has a balanced portfolio of NPD projects. Each development is screened against technical risk and potential market reward, whilst always ensuring that each development is in line with our technology values and product innovation strategy.