Well Barrier & Isolation

When the success of your completion relies on flow control, you need proven and dependable well barrier and isolation solutions.

Peak offers a suite of robust plug and straddle systems that can simplify completions while establishing a reliable downhole barrier.

These advanced plug systems hold pressure from above and below, ensuring zonal isolation for a wide range of applications including:

  • Plug and abandonment
  • Well suspension
  • Water and gas shutoff
  • Collision barrier during drilling operations
  • Wellhead isolation
  • Zonal isolation for water shutoff
  • Zonal isolation to prevent cross flow or comingling
  • Packer setting and tubing testing during completions
  • Tubing integrity testing
  • Permanent zonal isolation

Our retrievable and permanent bridge plugs are designed to be set on slickline without the need for explosives, timers, etc. They can pass through all standard completions and nipple sizes allowing them to set anywhere within the completion string.

The simple design of our plugs ensures they can be easily and quickly redressed in remote locations without the need for specialist tools. If required, they can be deployed on industry-standard pyrotechnic setting tools or coil/pipe using Peak's hydraulic setting tool.


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