Peak eCutter

The Peak eCutter electronically activated nonexplosive wireline cutter is used to sever slicklines and cables when a toolstring becomes stuck downhole.

The Peak eCutter cutter is a variant of the standard Peak Cutter whereby, rather than being activated by impact against the stuck toolstring, the Peak eCutter cutter is activated via an electronic timer and trigger module.

Providing the same elements of unparalleled safety and reliability to cleanly cut a wide range of wire sizes as the field-proven standard Peak Cutter, the Peak eCutter cutter provides the ultimate operational flexibility and functionality to ensure that the cut is performed at the required point especially in highly deviated or complex geometry wells.


  • Deployment in all stuck toolstring events for target depth and activation assurance
  • Severing of wire and cable in highly deviated wells
  • Pump-Down deployment

Features & Benefits

  • Integral non-pyrotechnic power charge
  • No radio-silence requirement
  • HSE compliant – no explosives
  • Range of pre-programmed countdown times (optional custom-programming also available)
  • Remote power capability with lithium-based power source
  • LED operability indicator for timer activation confirmation
  • Same tool capable of cutting all industry wire/cables from 0.108-in slickline to 5/16-in heavy-duty Dyform cable
  • Supplied with safety handling clamps for safe and secure operations at the well site
  • Offers a reliable and accurate result even in highly deviated wells, high viscous fluids and complex geometries
  • Roller Centralizers available for larger tubing/casing sizes
  • Pump-Down systems available upon request
  • Simple field redress
  • Logistically simple, safe and rapid mobilization to well sites globally

Product Code: 215