Heavy-Duty Releasable Spear

The heavy-duty releasable spear is used for the recovery of downhole items with missing or damaged internal fish necks.

An adjustment sleeve varies the reach of the tool and interchangeable slips are fitted to suit the inside diameter that the Spear needs to engage.

With the spear’s reach correctly adjusted and if required, a release pin can be sheared by downward jarring. Once sheared, a positive locking feature will ensure that the slips remain retracted, allowing the toolstring and Spear to disengage from the fish for safe recovery back to the surface.

The 'jar down to release' feature provides the option of running the tool directly connected to the toolstring.


  • Retrieval of items with damaged or missing internal fish necks

Features & Benefits

  • Reach adjustment sleeve to suit varying engagement depth of slips
  • Interchangeable slips for engaging varying internal diameters
  • Slips interchangeable between releasable and non-releasable versions
  • 'Jar down to release' feature
  • Positive locking feature to assist in safe tool release
  • Simple to redress/re-pin for quick turnaround between wireline runs
  • Robust design
  • Inventory reduction

Product Code: 204