Radial Brush System

The Radial Brush System has been developed to assist in the cleaning of downhole nipple profiles and associated completion components.

The design incorporates a series of interchangeable radial brush rings assembled on a common mandrel. The use of a common mandrel means a reduced inventory as the same mandrel can be utilized for a range of different brush sizes to suit various completion designs. As the tool utilizes a series of brush rings it can be configured with brushes of different diameters thereby providing a tapered brush effect. The brush bristles can be supplied in various stiffness’ and several different materials such as phosphor bronze, stainless steel etc.


  • Scale debris removal from sub surface safety valves (SSSV) and nipples
  • Wax removal
  • Pre-cleaning of casing/tubing wall prior to setting patches or packers
  • Cleaning riser and tubing hanger bores

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced inventory due to common mandrel across a given size range
  • Brushes available with different bristle stiffness’
  • Brushes available with bristles from various materials
  • Multi-ring design allows for different brush sizes to be run at the same time
  • Reduced redress cost as bristle wear may be limited to only one brush ring out of the set of three
  • Can be supplied with a Sucker Rod Bottom Sub to connect a series of brushes

Product Code: 142