Roller Systems

As wells become increasingly complex and high deviation makes well intervention more challenging, Peak Well Systems has responded by developing advanced roller systems with more reliability and functionality than other products and conveyance options available to the market.  The unique design of Peak’s roller systems offer several significant benefits, ultimately leading to near-zero friction.

Peak’s flagship roller centralizer, WellGlide, has been specifically designed to convey wireline toolstrings into high-angle, deviated wells with minimal friction. Consisting one body and a range of interchangeable rollers (which offer 360 degree coverage), WellGlide can be set up to suit each individual deployment. WellGlide has successfully been deployed in wells up to 80 degrees deviation.

WellGlide is also compatible with Peak’s SIM system for flow control. Coupled with the safety of the SIM plug (which requires no nipple profile, nor any complex setting tools), intervention is extremely effective without damage to equipment or the well.


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