Telescoping Space Out Joint

The telescoping space out joint reduces rig time and problems associated with completion space out, especially on subsea completions.  The continous bore between upper and lower completions aids well intervention operations in deviated wells.

The joint is shipped in the closed position then, on the rig floor, the transport pins holding the joint closed can be removed and the telescoping space Out joint fully stroked open. Rated shear pins are then inserted which will be sheared out when the lower end of the telescoping space out joint lands off on the lower completion. The lower end can be supplied with various centralizer/mule shoe designs to suit particular applications.


  • Subsea workovers and completions
  • Prevention of bottle necks between WEG and liner top
  • Smart completions for easy land-off

Features & Benefits

  • Fully rollerized to reduce friction at high angles
  • Long stroke length - up to one standard joint
  • Bell Guide lower end to locate and centralize on liner hanger
  • Convex and concave rollers to match tubing radius
  • Rig time cost savings
  • Simplified completion space out
  • Slick bore from tubing hanger to bottom of the well allows for trouble free intervention

Product Code: 600