Torque-Action Debris Breaker

The impact-driven Torque-Action Debris Breaker wellbore cleanup and debris removal tool is deployed downhole to break up concretions of sand and scale which are resisting removal by other methods.

The Torque-Action Debris Breaker tool is jarred down mechanically in the well, with each jar applying a short-duration torque via the unique helically split torque sub. The main torque body comes in 1 1/2-in, 1 7/8-in and, 2 1/2-in sizes  and has several different show sizes that can be easily changed on the main body of the tool as the scale is broken down. The debris is recovered by subsequent bailer runs.


  • To break up persistent sand/scale concretions which have resisted recovery by other methods.

Features & Benefits

  • Integral sprung torque system which applies torque to the cutting edges with each downward jar
  • Internal support sleeve to limit loading on the torque spring should the tool become wedged in solids
  • Left hand threads, where required, to prevent tool back-off down-hole
  • Comes with different shoe sizes that are changed out on the same main tool body
  • No other specialist tools required
  • Overall reduction in time required for descaling, thus reducing intervention time and costs
  • Production can resume much faster than ever before using alternative methods of descaling
  • Delivers exceptional cost-effective results compared to other descaling alternatives such as mechanical, chemical or sonic break-down
  • Full range of broach sizes available (1.700 in - 4.700 in); details upon request

Product Code: 117