Braided Line Multi-Function Rope Socket

The Braided Line Multi-function Rope Socket (MFRS) is designed to reduce the overall length of a toolstring by removing the requirement for an extra connection. The integral configuration also ensures that a swivel, a crucial component when using braided line, is always included in the toolstring.

A unique one-piece Slip and Initiator Clamp arrangement ensures maximum line pull can be attained with minimal slippage. A Belleville Washer assembly creates a pre-load tension to ensure there is very little movement of the termination during upward and downward jarring.


  • For use with braided line operations

Features & Benefits

  • Integral Rope Socket and Swivel: Reduces overall toolstring length and ensuring a swivel is incorporated into the braided line toolstring       
  • One piece Slip and Initiator Clamp arrangement for ease of use and inventory reduction
  • Heavy-duty thrust bearings: Enhance rotation under load
  • Integral grease nipple: Allows easy lubrication and prevent corrosion
  • Critical components ENP treated to further assist in prevention of internal corrosion
  • Assembly/disassembly Tool provided for simple cable termination and break out
  • Heavy-duty robust design
  • Integral Belleville Spring design to guarantee positive load maintained on thrust bearings to ensure continuous rotation
  • Debris Rings to prevent ingress of foreign matter
  • Swivel components are supported at rotation point to prevent lateral movement and wear
  • Third-party proprietary connections available to suit customer requirements

Product Code: 123