Slickline Rope Socket

Designed to attach the wireline to the toolstring, the Slickline Rope Socket incorporates a robust Sleeve feature which is designed to maintain form and ensure continuous performance.

Should the Rope Socket and toolstring be left in the well due to any unforeseen circumstances and the wire has been recovered, the HD FRC Pulling Tool can be run to engage the Peak HD Dual Fish Neck and if required, prolonged, heavy jarring can be carried out to recover the toolstring.


  • To provide connection of the wireline to the toolstring

Features & Benefits

  • Robust Pear Drop and Sleeve feature to maintain form and ensure continuous performance
  • The Peak signature HD Dual Fish Neck allows use of both standard pulling tools and Peak HD FRC Pulling Tool range for recovery
  • Suits all wire sizes
  • Third-party proprietary connections available to suit customer requirements

Product Code: 123