The fully adjustable Peak FlexiDrift offers the ultimate in flexibility, accuracy and reliability providing a full range of drift coverage with minimal inventory.

Deployed on slickline and all other standard industry conveyance methods, the FlexiDrift consists of a mandrel with two sets of adjustable rails that can be manually extended with ease using the adjustment sleeves to the desired radius of the well tubing.

When run downhole, the unique positioning of the extended rails provides the highest radial contact across the widest operating range of required drift sizes to confirm the minimum diameter specification of well bore tubing whilst ensuring no unforeseen obstructions, debris or damage is present in the well prior to other operations.

The FlexiDrift’ unique design allows for sufficient bypass of fluid like any fluted centralizer drift; and is available in three standard tool sizes that can be accurately adjusted to within 10 thous of the desired diameter to span drift diameters of 2.000 in – 2.750 in, 2.720 in – 3.750 in and 3.700 in – 5.750 in respectively. Upwards jarring will activate the shear release function to retract the FlexiDrift to the minimum size to allow for reliable retrieval to surface in the event of becoming stuck downhole.


  • Ensures no unforeseen obstructions in the well prior to well intervention
  • Verification of well ID
  • Tool centralization

Features & benefits

  • Simple to use: Easily adjustable at well site to within 10 thou of desired diameter
  • Better extension range: Provides the highest radial contact across the widest operating range of required drift sizes
  • Robust design: Can be run multiple times for multiple applications
  • Reduced inventory: Available in three standard tool sizes to suit drift diameters ranging from 2.000 in – 5.750 in
  • Reliable retrieval: Emergency shear out function allows drift to collapse to minimum ID by jarring up - even in high deviation wells and those with a high level of scale or debris
  • Fully field redressable
  • Can be supplied in all standard industry connection types
  • Allows for bypass of fluid

Product Code: 153