UHD Multi-Function Shear Pin Rope Socket

The Ultra-Heavy-Duty (UHD) Multi-Function Shear Pin Rope Socket has been manufactured for use where high pulling forces are anticipated.

A unique one-piece slip and initiator clamp arrangement ensures maximum line pull can be attained with minimal slippage. A Belleville Washer assembly creates a pre-load tension to ensure there is very little movement of the termination during upward and downward jarring. The UHD Multi-Function Shear Pin Rope Socket is a combination rope socket and swivel designed to reduce the overall length of the toolstring by removing the requirement for an extra connection. The integral configuration also ensures that a swivel, a crucial component when using  braided line, is always included in the toolstring. The Multi Shear Pin Release Sub allows the cable and upper rope socket assembly to be recovered should the toolstring become stuck, leaving a clean heavy-duty fish neck that can be recovered using the Heavy-Duty Full Radial Contact (HD FRC) Pulling Tool.


  • For use with ultra-heavy-duty braided line operations

Features & Benefits

  • Integral rope socket and swivel: Reduces overall toolstring length and ensuring a swivel is incorporated into the braided line toolstring        
  • One piece slip and initiator clamp arrangement for ease of use and inventory reduction
  • Integral primary and contingent Peak HD Fish Neck which has a 60% increased load bearing area compared to standard fish necks, improving overall strength
  • Multi Shear Pin options to suit operational application for mechanical release
  • Heavy-duty tapered roller bearings for enhanced rotation under load
  • Integral grease nipple to allow easy lubrication and prevent corrosion
  • Critical components ENP treated to further assist in prevention of internal corrosion
  • Assembly/disassembly tool provided for simple cable termination and break out
  • Supplied with Peak 2 11/16-in UHD QC connection

Product Code: 123