Combination Gauge Ring & Wire Scratcher

The Combination Gauge Ring and Wire Scratcher is a flexible system designed to drift the well and brush a specific area within the tubing in a single run.

The interchangeable Gauge Cutter Rings allow the system to be utilized across a range of tubing sizes that will save the customer significant time and ultimately cost by removing unnecessary wireline runs.


  • Designed to drift the well and brush a specific area in a single run
  • Can be used as a traditional gauge cutter when wire scratcher not required

Features & Benefits

  • Combined design of gauge cutter and wire scratcher reduces wireline runs saving customer time and ultimate cost
  • Interchangeable Gauge Cutter Rings provide flexibility to suit a range of tubing sizes
  • Ported Gauge Cutter Rings provide sufficient bypass in fluid
  • Positive stop prevents Gauge Cutter Ring from backing off from the mandrel
  • Minimal components and robust design
  • Inventory reduction

Product Code: 113