HD Pulling System

The heavy-duty pulling system is designed for use in applications where heavy upward jarring is required to retrieve a stuck fish.

The system is comprised of two tools - a heavy-duty full radial contact (HD FRC) pulling tool and a non-releasable replacement rope socket (NRRS).

The principle of the system is that the NRRS can be run on a conventional 'jar up to shear' pulling tool and set onto the fish neck of the stuck fish and in conjunction with the HD FRC pulling tool.

The HD FRC pulling tool will engage the Peak heavy-duty dual fish neck of the NRRS. Heavy upwards jarring can then commence to retrieve the stuck fish. The HD FRC pulling tool has a 'jar down to release' and locking core feature allowing it to be safely retrieved back to surface if required.


  • Replacement of damaged fish necks
  • Heavy upward jarring applications

Features & Benefits

  • Built to withstand prolonged heavy upward jarring
  • Incorporates Peak signature 45-degree heavy-duty latch finger face with a 60% increased load bearing area compared to standard latch fingers
  • 360-degree full radial contact latch fingers minimize flaring of fish neck and increase impact transmission
  • Optional bell guide bottom subs for use in larger ID tubular
  • HD FRC jar up adapter option available
  • 'Jar down to release' feature
  • Two shear pin size options
  • Robust design

Product Code: 211/228