Bore-Sensing Drift

The fully adjustable Peak Bore-Sensing Drift offers the ultimate in flexibility, accuracy and reliability, providing a full range of drift coverage with minimal inventory. 

Deployed on slickline and all standard conveyance methods, the Bore-Sensing Drift features two sets of keys that collapse to pass any restriction in the well tubing.

When run downhole, the positioning of the keys provide full-radial coverage of obstructions, debris, or damage in the wellbore. The keys remain collapsed and on recovery to surface they can be measured to determine the minimum ID of the well tubing.

The Bore-Sensing Drift’s design allows for sufficient bypass of fluid similar to most fluted centralizer drifts.


  • Drifting wells before intervention runs to measure actual minimum ID in the path to target depth

Features & benefits

  • Simple to use: keys can be adjusted easily at the wellsite
  • Robust design: can be run multiple times
  • Flexible: can be supplied in all standard industry connection types
  • Reduced inventory: one tool covers a wellbore ID measuring range of 2.300 in to 1.900 in
  • Cost-effective: minimal working parts result in simple and rapid redress in the field

Product Code: 153