Heavy-Duty Non-Releasable Overshot

The heavy-duty non-releasable overshot is used for the retrieval of downhole items with damaged or missing external fish necks.

The overshot is “planted” onto the fish to provide a new fish neck profile. This is then engaged with a standard releasable pulling tool or a Peak HD FRC pulling tool for heavy jarring applications.


  • Replacing damaged or missing external fish necks
  • Providing a new fish neck profile for releasable pulling tools to engage

Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable core for varying reach
  • Interchangeable slips to engage varying OD’s
  • Slips interchangeable between releasable and non-releasable versions
  • Multiple running neck options - multi-pin running tool, HD dual fish neck etc.
  • Optional bell guide bottom subs for use in larger ID tubular
  • Bypass ports through tool body to provide maximum flow area if fish cannot be recovered
  • Robust design
  • Inventory reduction

Product Code: 231