Multi-Pin Running Tool

Multi-Pin Running Tools (MPRT) are designed for use primarily as shearable devices which can be connected to a variety of tools such as Wireline Grabs, Wire Finders, Perforating Gun Drifts, RBP Drifts, Non-Releasable Overshots/Spears etc.

With 'jar up' and 'jar down to shear' options, the MPRT can also be used to deploy Junk Catchers or Sealing Prongs. Internal and external fish neck options provide the operator with the flexibility to choose the device which best suits the well geometry and operation to be performed.


  • Utilized as safety shear-out device for fishing applications including conveyance of Wireline Grabs, Wire Finders, Non-Releasable Overshots and Spears etc.
  • Conveyance of extended, rigid assemblies including Perforating Gun Drifts, Retrievable Bridge Plug Drifts etc.
  • Deployment of Junk Catchers and Sealing Prongs

Features & Benefits

  • Internal and external fish neck options to suit well geometry and operation
  • All Internal Neck Subs suit all standard GS and Peak IN FRC sizes
  • External Neck Sub incorporates a standard fish neck and Peak HD Chamfered Fish Neck which is aligned for use with the Peak HD FRC Pulling Tool for ultra-heavy jarring applications
  • 'Jar-up' and 'jar-down to release' functions
  • Multiple pinning options to suit varied applications
  • Simple to re-pin
  • Robust design

Product Code: 201