Multi-Action Pulling (MAP) Tool

The Peak Multi-Action Pulling (MAP) Tool facilitates the recovery of a wide range of downhole equipment fitted with external fishing necks without the need for separate tooling to pin up or release the pulling tool.

The Peak MAP Tool has a unique and versatile latch system to tackle external fishing necks with varying connections and lengths and can be configured for 'jar down', 'jar up' or 'double jar down' release to set and retrieve tools downhole. With an inbuilt indicator to display the configured jar release mode, the Peak MAP Tool improves safety and allows for a quick change between operating modes.

The adjustable core feature allows the Peak MAP Tool to be altered to suit any reach requirement. The latch release sleeve enables the tool to be detached from the fishing neck at surface with no special releasing tool requirement.

With its simplified design mechanism, no specialist tooling is required for redressing or pinning, the Peak MAP Tool simplifies inventory, reduces cost and improves operational efficiency.


  • Deploy or recover downhole equipment

Features & Benefits

  • Increased operational flexibility from a single tool via 'multi-action jar down'/'jar up'/'double jar down for release', reducing inventory
  • Single adjustable core for all connections - BC/QC/SR/rope socket including flat topped rope sockets for industry standard standing valves
  • Visual indicator of Core Position for standard industry connections and Shear Mode to minimise scope for operator error
  • Simple, robust design; pawl free for reliable service, ease of redress and minimized components
  • Rapid redress via shear pin alignment between upper core and body; repinning achievable without the need for a pinning tool
  • High strength latching dogs for medium-duty service
  • No separate tooling to pin up, release or retrieve

Product Code: 250