Heavy-Duty Peak eCutter

The Heavy-Duty Peak eCutter electronically activated nonexplosive wireline cutter is used to sever heavy-duty wireline cables when a toolstring becomes stuck downhole.

Like the field-proven Peak eCutter, the Heavy-Duty Peak eCutter cutter incorporates an electronic timer and trigger module that introduces a time-based delay allowing a pre-designated time to elapse before the cutting function is activated. The electronics module is designed to operate safely and reliably in temperatures up to 177 degC [350 degF].

Upon activation, the Heavy-Duty Peak eCutter cutter cuts cleanly above the toolstring assembly to allow the upper section of the wire/cable to be recovered quickly to surface. Its simple design incorporates robust blades and gripping systems that enable it to cleanly cut 0.320-in to 0.590-in heavy-duty wire/cable safely, reliably, and accurately - even in highly deviated wells, high viscous fluids, and complex geometry wells.


  • Deployment in all stuck toolstring events for target depth and activation assurance
  • Severing of heavy-duty wire/cable in highly deviated and complex geometry wells
  • Pump-Down deployment

Features & Benefits

  • Integral non-pyrotechnic power charge
  • No radio-silence requirement
  • HSE compliant: No explosives
  • Range of pre-programmed countdown times (optional custom-programming also available)
  • Remote power capability with lithium-based power source
  • LED operability indicator for timer activation confirmation
  • Standard (150 degC [302 degF]) and high temperature (177 degC [350 degF]) electronics (specific battery and electronics assemblies)
  • Same tool capable of cutting all industry wire/cables from 0.320-in to 0.590-in heavy-duty wire/cable
  • Supplied with safety handling clamps for safe and secure operations at the well site
  • Robust blades and cable gripping system offer a reliable and accurate result even in highly
    deviated wells, high viscous fluids and complex geometry wells
  • Pump-Down systems available upon request
  • Simple field redress
  • Logistically simple, safe and rapid mobilization to well sites globally

Product Code: 215