DJD FRC Pulling Tool

The Double Jar Down Full Radial Contact (DJD FRC) and Heavy-Duty DJD FRC (HD DJD FRC) Pulling Tool are used to recover an external fishing neck.

The DJD FRC Pulling Tool enables repetitive jarring down as much as needed to latch the fish without the inherent risk of prematurely shearing the ‘jar down to release’ pin.

If the fish cannot be recovered, the upper pin in the DJD Adaptor will shear thus allowing subsequent downward jarring to release the Pulling Tool.


  • High cost well intervention work
  • Gas lift work

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces toolbox inventory
  • Robust design
  • Simple shear pin to redress
  • Two shear pin size options
  • Reduced NPT due to elimination of premature shearing of pin
  • Optional Bell Guide Bottom Subs for use in larger ID tubulars
  • Specialist cores for gas lift work
  • Specialized cores available on request for all types of cable heads
  • Simple and smooth release of fingers from fish neck once sheared

Product Code: 234