Linear Jar

The Linear Jar is ideal for use in high-angle wells where normal spang-jar (link type) or tubular-jar action may be limited.

The unique dual-roller system from Peak Well Systems reduces friction between the jar rod and outer housing. The resulting smooth bidirectional strokes drive upward and downward forces to power most routine wireline functions in deviated wellbores.

To further improve the overall friction-reducing performance, the Linear Jar also works with the Power Jar (an inverted upstroke spring jar) and WellGlide* roller-centralizer sub.


  • Wireline operations in high angle, deviated wells

  • Fishing operations in suspected wire, debris, or other foreign-matter environments
  • Large-ID tubing or casing operations
  • Combined operations with the Power Jar (inverted upstroke spring jar) for improved overall friction-reducing performance

Features & Benefits

  • Smooth bidirectional stroke produced by unique dual-roller system for enabling most routine wireline functions in high-angle deviated wellbores

  • Improved durability because of increased jar rod diameter
  • Range of connection options that meet customer requirements
  • Improved overall friction-reducing performance in combination with the Power Jar (inverted upstroke spring jar)
  • Outperformance over standard spang jars for fishing operations in wellbores with suspected wire, debris, or other foreign matter
  • Robust design for conducting routine wireline functions in large-diameter tubing or casing, where conventional spang jars are prone to buckling or scissoring


Product Code: 120