Plug Systems V0 V3 V5

Plug systems from Peak Well Systems provide a high quality, safe barrier within the wellbore, delivering ultimate flexibility for well intervention, remediation and well integrity operations.

Available as both permanent and retrievable options, plug systems can be set anywhere in the tubing string without the need for a nipple profile making them ideal for monobore completions.

The design simplicity of Peak plug systems offers cost effective deployment and flexibility in remote locations. They have an advanced mechanical setting mechanism, eliminating the need for complex and dangerous setting tools and making them very safe and reliable to use. Furthermore, like the deployment systems, they can be easily redressed in the field by personnel with a limited understanding of English. 

Peak plug systems are universally compliant with all deployment methods such as slickline, wireline, coiled tubing, drillpipe and tractor.

The adaptability of Peak’s plug systems enables use in a number of different applications:

  • Collision barrier during drilling operations
  • Wellhead isolation
  • Zonal isolation for water shutoff
  • Zonal isolation to prevent cross flow/co-mingling
  • Downhole choke – choking back unwanted/excessive gas production
  • Packer setting and tubing tests during completions/workovers
  • Tubing integrity testing
  • Abandonment projects


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