SIMstandard Retrievable Bridge Plug

The SIMstandard* retrievable bridge plug is an expandable seal-type barrier that can be set mechanically at any chosen depth inside monobore type completions or completions where existing production nipples are damaged.

The SIMstandard plug is conveyed using a conventional slickline toolstring. Once the setting depth is reached, the SIMstandard plug is selectively set by indexing and anchoring the running tool. Downward jarring activates the bidirectional SIMstandard plug slips and expands the sealing element. Upward jarring releases the running tool from the SIMstandard plug body.

For applications where setting depth is critical, the SIMstandard plug can be deployed and set on e-line using standard pyrotechnic setting tools.

The SIMstandard plug is recovered using a conventional GS pulling tool fitted with a Peak Multi-Action Top Sub (MATS) and pulling prong.


  • Retrievable bridge plug
  • Straddle and lift straddle
  • Lift (top latch interchangeable choke)
  • Hanger as a gauge carrier for downhole tools

Features & Benefits

  • Multiple setting options: mechanically on slickline, coiled tubing or e-line
  • Simplistic design: simple to redress in the field
  • Multiple equalizing assembly options: melon-, prong-, or pump open-type
  • Uni- and bidirectional flow: ultimate flexibility to plug and divert flow
  • Debris catcher sub option for sealing plug version
  • High temperature/high pressure sealing element
  • Sour service components to NACE MR0175 specifications
  • Maximized throughbore to reduce down hole “choke” effect
  • Interchangeable components for inventory reduction


Product Code: 351