Peak Cutter

The Peak Cutter is a unique, power-charged, non-explosive cutter that is dropped from surface to sever slicklines and cables in the event that a toolstring becomes stuck downhole.

It is designed to cut cleanly above the toolstring assembly - safely and reliably - and allow the upper section of the wire/cable to be recovered quickly to surface.


  • Deployment in the event that a toolstring becomes stuck downhole
  • Recovery of wire or cable from situations where wire or tools have been blown up hole
  • Deployment in subsea wells where the Peak Cutter is held as a contingency within a tool catcher integral to the seabed well control package

Features & Benefits

  • Incorporates an integral non-hydraulic, non-pyrotechnic power charge, a contingent cutting arrangement and integral wire/cable clamp assembly
  • No need for explosives, so the Peak Cutter is also safe to deploy
  • Capable of cutting all industry wire from 0.108-in slickline up to 5/16-in heavy-duty Dyform cable
  • Supplied with three retaining plates which cover full 0.108-in – 0.312-in range of tool
  • Rollerized versions are available on request subject to completion size
  • Simple field redress
  • Supplied with safety clamp for secure and safe handling at the well site
  • Offers an accurate and reliable result, particularly when deployed in high viscous fluids and deviated wells
  • Available for rapid rental with immediate mobilization
  • Does not require radio silence

Product Code: 215