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Training and Development

Knowledge and skills development is critical to Peak’s business sustainability. Ultimately, a more skilled and knowledgeable workforce thrives to realize the vision of the organization and maintain a vibrant and motivated environment.

Peak’s Training and Competency Programme focuses on the requirements of various roles in the areas of HSE, Quality and core knowledge and skills to provide the appropriate training and support to our people in order to achieve the highest desired level of competency.

Online learning, when appropriate, is our preferred training delivery method. It enables us to support the global Peak family wherever they are. Peak’s training and development is delivered via InTuition, a web based system that provides a rich platform of Peak’s training materials whilst also managing skills and competency levels of all Peak employees.

Although we are obsessive about making products that are simple to operate and maintain, we recognise the need for training our customers too.  Training of our customers is one of the key areas of focus. Our product and operations experts conduct training courses covering the use and maintenance of our products which are all field redressable. In addition to these courses, Peak offers assembly animations on selected products to provide ad-hoc access to our end-users for redress instructions. These are presented and delivered in the simplest and most effective manner catering for customers in remote locations or where English may not be their first language.

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