FRC GLV Pulling Tool

Peak’s Full Radial Contact Gas Lift Valve (FRC GLV) Pulling Tool is used in conjunction with a kickover tool for recovering gas lift valves (GLV) during GLV change-out operations.

The FRC GLV Pulling Tool is designed to engage the full 360 degree underside of an external fish neck and is generally used in conventional and heavy jarring applications. The full contact area provides a much greater load bearing area compared to standard two or three dog-type pulling tools which are commonly used in gas-lift valve changeout operations. The full supporting latch finger face reduces the amount of damage to both the latch fingers and the fish neck to be recovered by evenly distributing the load whilst also improving impact transmission, greatly increasing chances for successful recovery.

Incorporating a positive locking key feature and expansion profiles on the core and latch fingers, ensures clean disengagement from the GLV during downward jarring. The FRC GLV Pulling Tool does not rely upon springs and steel memory for disengagement which also makes re-pinning safe and easy.


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