Heavy-Duty Releasable Overshot

The heavy-duty releasable overshot is designed for the recovery of downhole items with missing or damaged external fish necks.

The jar down to release feature provides the option of running the tool directly connected to the toolstring.

Once sheared the core is locked in the release position to ensure the overshot will disengage from the fish.


  • Engaging items with damaged or missing external fish necks
  • Alternative to the heavy-duty non-releasable overshot

Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable core for varying reach
  • Interchangeable slips to engage varying OD’s
  • Slips interchangeable between releasable and non-releasable versions
  • Optional bell guide bottom subs for use in larger ID tubulars
  • 'Jar down to release' feature
  • Locking core feature to assist in safe tool release
  • Simple to redress/re-pin for quick turnaround between wireline runs
  • Two shear pin size options
  • Inventory reduction

Product Code: 230