Gauge Hangers

Peak offers customers a choice of Gauge Hangers depending upon the application and well structure, from simple, effective Plug Hangers that carry downhole gauges for well monitoring to Gauge Hangers for larger tubing or more complex well geometries.

The advantage of deployment with Peak’s Running Tools in all cases is that it allows the tool being conveyed to be placed as close as is desired to the area of interest for pin-point data acquisition.

In more challenging environments, the Large Bore Gauge Hanger can also be used to carry data acquisition devices, or as an anchor for instruments or equipment that require suspension in the wellbore. Due to its extremely high load capacity, the Large Bore Gauge Hanger is ideal for high flow rate wells or high weight stack-up applications. Moreover, its compact design makes it suited to rig ups with height restrictions.

The Hi-Ex Gauge Hanger is a slim, high expansion tool that can be passed through narrow restrictions or smaller completion tubing and set in larger ID liners/casings. Most importantly, the slim design minimizes the restriction to flow enabling better quality data to be recorded during production and / or injection conditions.


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