Leak Detection Tool

The Leak Detection Tool is designed to create a temporary sealing barrier to enable a surface pressure test to ascertain a potential leak path between the tubing and annulus.

Using the field proven SIM Running Tool, the Detection Tool is deployed in the well to a desired depth, predominantly at a depth below a suspected leak path, on a conventional slickline toolstring. Reciprocation at depth allows the radial indexing mechanism to activate, anchoring the Running Tool slips to the tubing wall.  To effect the “seal”, light jarring down is required to expand the element of the Leak Detection Tool. Tubing pressure is then applied to test tubing integrity. The cycle can then be repeated and fine tuned until the exact location of a leak is detected.


  • As a temporary barrier to identify the location of a downhole leak
  • To determine the position of tubing to annulus communication
  • To check the integrity of older wells

Features & Benefits

  • Leak Detection device which can be reset a number of times without the need to pull back to surface
  • Multiple setting capability reduces NPT by allowing the leak to be pinpointed quickly, minimizing wireline runs
  • Holds pressures of 1,500 psi at 350 degF from above
  • The integral self-equalizing device allows the pressure to equalize across the elastomer cup before moving the elastomer into the fully retracted position
  • Simple, robust design
  • The Mechanical Leak Detection Tool can be supplied as an Adapter System to the patented SIM Running Tool (UK Patent No: GB2432607 & GB2424237)
  • The Leak Detection Tool can also be purchased as a complete system packaged in conjunction with the patented SIM Running Tool (UK Patent No: GB2432607 & GB2424237)
  • Currently available for 2 3/8-in, 2 7/8-in, 3 1/2-in, and 4 1/2-in tubing, however various sizes available on request to suit customer requirements

Product Code: 362