High-Pressure Peak eCutter

The High-Pressure Peak eCutter electronically activated nonexplosive wireline cutter is used to sever slicklines and cables when a toolstring becomes stuck downhole.

The High-Pressure Peak eCutter cutter is specifically designed to withstand high pressures up to 20,000 psi.

It is activated via an electronic timer and trigger module. Preprogrammed countdown times and optional custom programming capabilities support target depth and activation assurance. The cutting action is driven by a patented mechanical actuator with the timer and trigger module powered by a small onboard lithium battery.

It performs clean cuts above the toolstring assembly in a wide range of wire sizes from 0.108-in slickline to 0.440-in heavy-duty cable enabling the upper section of wire or heavy-duty cable to be retrieved to surface.

Robust blades and a cable gripping system offer a safer, more reliable, and accurate result.


  • High pressure well environments
  • Wells at any deviation
  • Complex geometry wells
  • Pumpdown deployment
  • High-viscosity fluids

Features & Benefits

  • The integral nonpyrotechnic power charge eliminates the requirement for radio-frequency
  • silence during operations.
  • LED operability indicator provides timer activation confirmation
  • Supplied with safety handling clamps for safe and secure operations at the well site

Product Code: 215