Hydrostatic Bailer

The Hydrostatic Bailer is designed to recover sand, gravel, gun debris or other loose fill from above or inside any subsurface flow control device.

Due to the force exerted as a result of larger piston areas, the 3-in and 3 1/2-in version incorporates a unique Trip Key system that removes the requirement for long, drawn out hydrostatic and shear pin strength calculations. The Trip Keys hold the travelling Internal Plug in place until jarring down shears the 1/4-in shear screws. The mandrel will then move up and the keys, which are no longer supporting the Internal Plug, retract causing the Internal Plug to accelerate upward creating an increased suction (in conjunction with the higher external pressure) which draws debris into the Bailer through the Bailer Check Sub.

The 3-in, 2 1/2-in, 2 1/4-in, 1 7/8-in, and 1 3/4-in versions incorporate a pressure retaining Single or Multi-Pin Sub which seals in atmospheric pressure at surface. The Multi-Pin Sub allows the operator to select the number and type of pins depending on the differential pressure and operational application. The bailer is activated by jarring down and shearing the selected pins in the Multi-Pin Sub.


  • Recovering loose sand, gravel or gun debris from inside hard to reach flow control devices

Features & Benefits

  • Trip key design means shear pin/screw sees no direct loading from well pressure
  • Safe Break design - three equalizing functions
  • Bailer length, shoe, shoe length and checking device can be supplied to suit customer requirements
  • Bottom Subs available: Half Mule, Full Mule, Castleated, Snorkle
  • No requirement for long, drawn out hydrostatic or shear pin strength calculations
  • The intermediate checking device ensures the shoe is changed independently reducing unnecessary expense if component requires replacing due to onsite modification or damage
  • Inventory reduction due to interchange ability of parts between Peak Drive Down, Pump and Hydrostatic Bailers
  • Incorporating robust Stub Acme threads reduces likelihood of threads galling during continuous make up and break out of components where debris may be present

Product Code: 107