Wireline Centre Spear

The Wireline Centre Spear can be run independently or in conjunction with the Peak Wire Retrieval System, for the purpose of recovering parted wire back to surface.

The optional Peak Wire Retrieval System utiliszs a unique design feature which allows the Slotted Finder Sleeve to be adjusted to any chosen diameter to suit a range of nominal tubing ID and nipple dimensions.


  • For retrieval of parted wireline from within the wellbore

Features & Benefits

  • Option to run in conjunction with the Peak Adjustable Finder Finger Sleeve to prevent the Centre Spear passing the top of the parted wire
  • Multiple Barbs for latching and retrieving balled wire
  • Adaptor Sub supplied with industry standard connections
  • Rounded barb profile to prevent cutting of fished wire on high pulls
  • Robust design
  • Inventory reduction

Product Code: 202