eMAT/GS Tool

Peak’s eMAT/GS Tool is used to replicate traditional GS functionality on slickline during e-line deployments.

The eMAT/GS Tool provides a reliable deployment technique without the need for pyrotechnics, pressurized nitrogen or downhole power generation tools that would usually require additional field specialists.

At depth, the eMAT/GS Tool receives power from a surface power supply. This allows trapped hydraulic pressure to vent, which retracts the dogs of the GS component, and leaves the payload in the well.


  • Deploy or recover downhole equipment with a GS fish neck on e-line

  • Wireline fishing
  • Deployment in deviated wells

Features & Benefits

  • Proven slickline techniques available on e-line

  • Allows release of downhole components on e-line without jarring
  • Allows retrieval of downhole tools with a safe option to emergency release if stuck in hole
  • Rated to 10,000 psi [68.9 MPa], 347 degF [175 degC]
  • Able to be configured to positive/negative polarity
  • Simple to redress
  • Robust design


Product Code: 270