Bespoke Products

Close working relationships between Peak Well Systems and its customers, coupled with our expertise in downhole technology design, has led to the development of bespoke products that address unusual downhole challenges.

To contact our rapid product development (RPD) team regarding a bespoke product to be made, please email with an overview of your challenge and requirements.  


WellGuard and the Telescoping Space-Out Joint are two such downhole tools that were designed for major IOCs, and which continue to be manufactured today for customers.  Please click on one of the links below to see these samples of our bespoke products:

Telescoping Space-Out Joint

  • Reduces problems associated with completion space-out, especially on subsea completions
  • Fully rollerized to aid well intervention operations in highly deviated wells
  • Rig time cost savings

WellGuard Hydraulic Hold-Open Tool

Hydraulic-operated option for use on wells with pneumatic actuators operating the master valve

  • Lightweight for safety
  • Simple design, easily redressable offshore