Multi-Action Top Sub (MAT Sub)

The Multi-Action Top Sub (MAT Sub) is designed for use in conjunction with GS Pulling/Running Tools.

Once fitted to the GS tools the MAT Sub provides multiple pinning options to vary the 'shear to release' mode of the tool. A built-in safe re-arming tool simplifies re-pinning and can be used for routine wireline intervention operations as well as special applications.


  • Recovery of downhole flow devices
  • Reduces miss-runs
  • Fishing applications where a 'jar up to release' option is required
  • Setting of downhole items where a 'Jar down to release' option is required

Features & Benefits

  • Simple to retrofit
  • Three running mode options;
    • 'Jar down to shear'
    • 'Jar up to shear'
    • 'Jar up' followed by 'jar down to shear'
  • Built-in, re-arming tool
  • Simple to redress
  • Built to suit standard industry OD’s
  • Robust design
  • Inventory reduction

Product Code: 207