Multi-Action Top Sub (MAT Sub)

Provides pinning and repinning options in combination with GS pulling and running tools for applications and wireline intervention operations.

The MAT sub provides multiple pinning options to vary the shear-to-release mode of the GS pulling or running tool that it’s fitted to. Repinning is simplified with a safer, built-in rearming tool.


  • Recovery of downhole flow devices

  • Fishing applications that require a jar up to release option
  • Setting of downhole items that requires a jar down to release option

Features & Benefits

  • Simplifies redressing with quick exchange of shear pin, screws, pins, and springs

  • Streamlines repinning with safer, built-in rearming tool
  • Facilitates retrofitting
  • Minimizes misruns with three running-mode options:
    - Jar down to shear
    - Jar up to shear
    - Jar up, followed by jar down to shear
  • Performs reliably with robust materials and downhole design to industry-standard ODs
  • Reduces toolbox inventory by eliminating separate tools for jarring up, jarring down, and double jarring down

Product Code: 207